Monday, December 13, 2010

this band and this album mean too much to me. grizzly bear wins everytime.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

air jordans and i

i've owned three pairs of jordans, 8's (8th grade), 17's (5th grade), and 13's (8th grade, again). i was never any good with them, my middle school boyfriend would always be so annoyed with me because i always got them so dirty.

"those are $120 shoes Janaye" he'd alwasy say exasperatedly.

i didn't care then, they were just shoes. you wear shoes, they get dirty i thought, i was totally wrong obviously. some guy and i werre talking the other day about 17's and how rare they were,

"do you even have a picture in them?" he asked.

When i realized that I didn't and confessed to it he looked so disappointed it was almost hilarious to me. Anyways, i can't ever escape the brooklyn girl i am obviously because they're back in my life. My style tends to evolve like this but i never expected i'd resurrect my infatuation with jordans, nevertheless, i have. they are just so nostalgic, i think that's why i love them.

I can think back to when i was in 5th grade and i was the first person in school to have the 17's, everyone was frantic, and jealous, or at least that's how they seemed. they were a size too big but i didn't care, i rocked the hell out of them anyway. they were blue and white and i bought a matching light blue hoodie to go with it, i thought i was the business obviously. in eigth grade i had a sneaker fiend of a boyfriend, who insisted we had matching sneakers, he was outrageous, i got so tired of jordans because of him and i never bought any more until now.

i love the nostalgia, i love the memories, i love how brooklyn they are, i love what they mean. it may seem silly but i do.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

yes. yes. yes. so my style. classic w/ a twist. :)
halle berry is one of my style icons, i think she always looks absolutely perfect all the time and her hair is to die for, most girls my age don't rock short do's but i would never have my hair another way anymore. i think it can complement anyone and make them look instantly chic and polished if maintained. i may not be a beauty like halle but i'm gonna still rock my pixie forever and for always, because i feel like my most beautiful self with hair like this. :)

that woman and that hair, gah.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

bitches is softer than al dente, right?

"If you could you would get rid of me,
Fuck you gone do when a bitch try to go hard?
But I won't let you get to me
You should already figure I'ma go hard.
If you was as real as me
You would never let another girl sit in ya throne.
I done put the choke hold on now
They screamin, "Nicki leave me alone!"
I am, I'm Still the one to beat..."