Thursday, December 9, 2010

air jordans and i

i've owned three pairs of jordans, 8's (8th grade), 17's (5th grade), and 13's (8th grade, again). i was never any good with them, my middle school boyfriend would always be so annoyed with me because i always got them so dirty.

"those are $120 shoes Janaye" he'd alwasy say exasperatedly.

i didn't care then, they were just shoes. you wear shoes, they get dirty i thought, i was totally wrong obviously. some guy and i werre talking the other day about 17's and how rare they were,

"do you even have a picture in them?" he asked.

When i realized that I didn't and confessed to it he looked so disappointed it was almost hilarious to me. Anyways, i can't ever escape the brooklyn girl i am obviously because they're back in my life. My style tends to evolve like this but i never expected i'd resurrect my infatuation with jordans, nevertheless, i have. they are just so nostalgic, i think that's why i love them.

I can think back to when i was in 5th grade and i was the first person in school to have the 17's, everyone was frantic, and jealous, or at least that's how they seemed. they were a size too big but i didn't care, i rocked the hell out of them anyway. they were blue and white and i bought a matching light blue hoodie to go with it, i thought i was the business obviously. in eigth grade i had a sneaker fiend of a boyfriend, who insisted we had matching sneakers, he was outrageous, i got so tired of jordans because of him and i never bought any more until now.

i love the nostalgia, i love the memories, i love how brooklyn they are, i love what they mean. it may seem silly but i do.

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